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Getting Insurance should be easy, fast and friendly! We find the provider with the best record and most affordable quotes and feature them monthly.

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We provide a one click match with an insurance provider who has been accredited for more than 10 years, proven track record and access to the most affordable policies!

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Our agent matches have a proven track record of providing the most competitive and comprehensive car insurance, home insurance and business insurance quotes!

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Once you choose from our insurance locations, select a preferred insurance type our system automatically matches you with an insurance broker with quotes that won’t break your budget!


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We all have different needs for comprehensive home insurance plans. Get connected with an insurance broker who can show you a range of plans today!


We know you have put your life into your business so don’t leave it open to accidents and unforeseen circumstances. Get business insurance today!

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Don’t spend your time worrying about what ifs. You can get matched with the most suitable insurance from an agent with years of experience and the most affordable plans.

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Nowdays, when looking for a quote most people are looking for not just convenience but also for reliable insurance brokers. It’s hard to have both when researching on your own. With Easily Insured you can have both! We automatically match you with an insurance broker in your area who has the perfect mix of lifelong experience, a large existing client base and the range of plans that make customization and affordable prices a breeze!

Our Featured Canadian Insurance Locations

Our Preferred Insurance Ontario Cities

Insurance Chatham Ontario

Chatham Ontario is one of our premier insurance service locations in Southwestern Ontario. This mostly rural area also includes Wallaceburg, Tillbury, Blenheim and Dresden.

Insurance Strathroy Ontario

Strathroy Ontario is a thriving municipality conveniently located off the 402 with a quaint but ambitious  business community. We proudly offer online insurance to Strathroy-Caradoc and Mount Brydges Ontario.

Insurance Kitchener Ontario

Kitchener Ontario is a thriving and vibrant city with a rural community feel and is located within St. Lawrence Lowlands of SW Ontario. We offer quick and affordable insurance matches for Kitchener Ontario! Get started now.

Insurance Brantford Ontario

Brantford Ontario is a landmark city in Ontario placed prominently on the Grand River. Brant County is nearby and home to an amazing business and residential community. We offer online insurance matches in the Brantford area.

Our Chosen Insurance Agents

The local agent we feature every month must adhere to our strict policy of experience, reliability, and proven track record of providing outstanding insurance services to Canadians.

We seek out insurance agents who have over 10 years of experience providing insurance in Canada, a large client base of satisfied insurance beneficiaries and the ability to source the most affordable plans from corporate providers.

  • EXPERIENCE – 90%
  • CLIENT BASE – 77%
  • Quote Diversity – 85%

experience The freedom of great canadian insurance 

It’s stressful not to have car, home or business insurance since most of us know that we’re unlikely to have the savings to cover catastrophic damages to our health and personal assets. Take a load off your mind and put it on us! We’ll match you with a preferred insurance provider with an exceptional reputation, years of experience and fully customizable plans.

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What is your nearest Ontario Service Area?